The Purpose of Tarot and Choosing a Reader

Updated: Jan 21

Today, Tarot has taken on a complete life force of it's own. Even as small business owner I'm totally overwhelmed by the amount of services related to the processes of divination, spirituality, and energy work. Don't get me wrong, variety in the spice of life! But, how can the average person navigate all these avenues and tools of enlightenment?

Hopefully by the end of this blog I can help you understand what the use of tarot is, if you should consider a reading, how to choose a reader, and how to prepare for a tarot reading.

What is the Point of Reading Tarot?

You must understand that tarot is tool, not an oracle in and of itself. The actual force of intuition is within us all. Yes, you read that correctly. Now read it again, slowly. Anyone can dabble with tarot. The symbols of the cards are meant as a form of introspection, meditation, and reflection. However, when you purchase a tarot reading, you are purchasing the time and intuition of a reader. Keep this in mind. The tarot is a tool, and the reader uses their intuition, clairvoyant gifts, and tools to tell a story and answer your burning questions. The tarot, in my eyes, is a form of art therapy. The art and messages of the cards assists the reader in unlocking their own intuition and helping the client come to a place of clarity and understanding of the current situation. Notice how I underlined current situation? There's something people need to understand about tarot reading, and specifically if you want to book a reading with me ( haha). Energy is constantly changing, and so are the outcomes of the tarot. Fate is not sealed. Albeit, there are better paths in life that will serve you better, and bring you to a higher form of yourself. What I'm trying to say is, the point of a tarot reading is to take a look into your own soul and ask if the path you are on is currently serving you, how can you improve, and what options do you have.

Tarot is not fortune telling, it's not a magic card game, and it's not a gimmick for cash. Tarot is the act of holding a mirror to yourself, with nowhere to run but the direction of the truth.- Gi Lee

It is an art form in and of itself. It is a gateway to your soul. A good reading may not give you what you wished to hear, but it will leave you with a sense of affirmation and direction on where to go next on your path. I am one of many who believes that science and spirit are one in the same. I truly believe that being able to tap into the intuition is simply a metaphysical phenomenon we don't understand yet.

Should you Consider a Reading?

I always encourage my friends, family, and clients to seek a reading from a place of neutrality. If you want someone to tell you what you are hoping to hear, tell you if you'll be a millionaire, or come from any angle of desperation then chances are you're not in the right mind set for a tarot reading with anyone. Again, energy surrounding the situations you are inquiring about can change at any time. However, keep in mind also, if you hear news you do not like you must remain respectful of the reader. Ask them politely to clarify and if there is anyway this fate can change. A good reader will be happy to explain or try to comfort you! (Within reason) For the skeptics or first timers, I encourage you to keep an open mind! You are still choosing to pay someone for their time and energy, and this is to be respected as any other person selling their time.

How to Choose a Reader?

There are SO many diverse types of readers out there! They exist on a vast array of different platforms. Personally, I have worked on my own domain, Reddit, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, and in person ( temporarily unavailable due to covid). Some of the divination tools that are around include tarot, oracle, pendulum, scrying, tea leaves, Yi Jing, or even no tools! Unfortunately, there will always be people who want to scam others, but I have some tips for how to spot a good reader.

  • They openly share reviews or testimonials

  • A good reader makes you feel wonderful. Their vibe and energy just exudes comfort, love, and warmth.

  • They don't make outlandish promises

  • Take you time and study a couple readers you are drawn to. Read their blogs or "about me" to get a rapport if they have one

  • Their services are clearly defined. There is a full disclaimer also laid out on my website for expectation and understanding.

  • If they have social media, follow them!, they may offer samples or free reads and you can get to know them!

A good reader will answer your questions from a place of neutrality without bias, arrogance, or ill intention. Our job is to deliver a message from the universe to you, so that you may form the path you desire if you choose to do so. They will be happy to explain their answers ( within reason ) and try to assure you feel ok at the end of the read.

Readers come from all backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life. Our practices may differ, but the code of ethics should remain the same!

Last, I booked a reading, so how should I prepare?

Alright, now to the fun part! Don't be like princess pea, this is the fun part! Remain calm. Here are some tips for the best reading possible.


  • Take a deep breath and be ready to receive any messages the reader brings forward. If you don't like the answer consider how you can work to change or accept it.

  • Have paper and pen in case you want to write down key points or have questions at the end

  • Remember this is a give and take experience. I like to run my readings like a chat with a good friend. Be forthcoming with information ( within reason) Obviously don't share all your personal info, but also don't try to be a crap tester. I know when people are testing me on purpose and it throws the entire vibe off. It's not a good time for us either!

  • If you see a reader pull a card such as " death" do not panic. This most often has nothing to do with death, but change. Allow the reader time to explain and interpret with their own spin on the cards

  • Please be considerate of the readers boundaries. Typically across the board there's 4 topics readers avoid, and I avoid myself. NO Death, NO Divorce, NO Legal advice, NO medical advice that replaces a professional.

  • If the message doesn't resonate or you are confused, kindly let the reader know and ask for clarification.

  • Use this as an opportunity to self reflect and listen to your OWN intuition as well

  • Quantity is not quality. Ask the RIGHT questions This is SO SO SO astronomically important

For example, instead of asking a reader " Is John Doe my soulmate or will we be done forever?"

Ask instead " What is john doe feeling right now? Are we a good match? What can be worked on to improve our relationship if anything?

Let me if you have any tips on finding a good reader!

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