How to Ask the Right Tarot Questions

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Ok so you've decided to get a tarot reading, your mind may be anxiously imagining how the experience could go ( especially if it's the first time you've ever gotten a reading!) I find many clients get stuck or are unsure of how to propose a question to get the best answer, or don't truly understand the purpose of consulting the cards. so I offer what aide I can! This post is going to explain the do's, the don't, and the NEVERS of questions for the tarot cards.

1) Never Ask for an Answer You're not Emotionally Prepared to Hear

Many folks may turn to divination in times of stress and uncertainty in order to gain clarity. However, if your heart is still feeling raw after a traumatic event such as a loss or breakup, you may want to hold off on a consultation. An ethical reader wants nothing more than to deliver the message of the cards and our intuition. This may mean hearing not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear from the universe for growth. If you feel as though you may have a viscerally negative reaction to a reading, please wait until you feel more prepared to handle what the reader interprets for your situation.

2) Open-Ended Questions are your Best Friend

While it's not inherently wrong to ask yes or no questions, I personally feel it's not helpful to ask such answers of the cards. Here's a small chart to showcase good question example and the power of framing questions with open ended answers:

The truth is, energy is in a constant state of change. Every choice we make, Person we cross paths with, and opportunistic event can alter the outcomes of our lives.

The Tarot Cards Present us with Options, not Finalities -Gigi Lee

One of my best examples of this- is Just Because the Cards show an Ex may come back to contact you Doesn't mean they have good intentions or that you HAVE to Listen. At the end of the day, I as the reader act as a messenger. Whatever you choose to do with that information will your prerogative.

The power of Tarot lies in its ability to help us hold a mirror to ourselves and water our growth with the nourishment of introspection- Gigi Lee

Keep in mind as well, not every tarot reader is focused on making future predictions. Some readers specialize in different areas such as past lives, shadow work, etc. ( To Learn more about what Shadow Work is Click Here to Watch my Video) This is why taking some time to research a reader and their work will help you connect with the best consult for you.

3) Make the Questions Centered around Yourself

You have no control over anyone in this life but yourself, so why would the tarot answers be any different? (Twin Flame Questions I'm looking at you heavily)

4) Avoid Vague Questions

Some Readers are going to disagree with me here, but I just personally really truly dislike general readings. Sure, you can ask me for a general reading, but I can't guarantee I'm going to pick up on any messages you're looking for. This may leave you disappointed and unhappy with the service. Please try to ask readers or see in their services if they offer general readings. At the very least Instead of saying " Just tell me whatever comes up" You can instead ask your reader " What Message do I need to hear right now?"

Vague questions will likely result in vague answers.

5) Remember an Ethical Reader will NEVER Answer Unethical Questions

Every Reader has their limits on what they are willing to read on. However, I've written before and touched on an unspoken rule amongst readers that there are just certain things we will NOT answer. My personal Never List includes but isn't limited to:

  • Legal Battle Inquiries

  • Death

  • Asking Invasive questions about other people ( I.E. is John Doe where he says he is right now?)

Readers what Advice Would you add to the list? Clients what other information would help you get the most from your next reading? Comment below and let me know.

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