About Gigi    

Read below for an understanding of what I offer!

Hi I'm Gigi Lee  Owner and Operator of Guidance by Gigi LLC I have always been extremely in tune with others thoughts, feelings, and energy.  I have had many experiences in my life that included dreams of personal premonitions, a refined intuition, and synchronicity. Growing up, I was extremely in tune with others thoughts and emotions. However, I brushed this aside as my imagination as I was told I had " my head in the clouds". I pursued a degree in the health field. I spent several years working as a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor's in Science of Nursing. I was able to gain a tremendous amount of life experience from my years in the field working with many souls from all backgrounds. However, the corporate greed of the healthcare world didn't allow me to take the time to heal my patients' spirits as much as their physical bodies. Fast forward to 2019 after many years of self doubt, reflection, and intuitive practices I got the courage to launch my own freelance small business. I use my experience, therapeutic communication, and open heart from nursing to combine science and spirit to help bring clarity to your present through tarot, writing, Youtube, and various content. I spent many years of my life paralyzed by fear and repeating cycles. My goal is to bring clarity to my clients and empower them to lead with strength going forward. I want to help arm others with the tools and confidence to manifest the tomorrow they desire today. Understanding your fears makes them much less formidable! 


 Thus, Guidance by Gigi was born.

How can Guidance by Gigi help me?

Clarity for the present

I am an intuitive empath who uses tarot and oracle cards. Like the dial tone on a radio, the cards help me tune into the frequencies of the astral plane. My answers come in the form of 

  • Clairsentience

  • Clairaudiance

  • Clairgustance

  • Clairvoyance

For me, honesty is the best policy. Though I will deliver the message in a respectful and hopeful manner, I am always direct and honest.


The best way to experience a reading from Gigi is 15 minutes before your reading Take a deep breath, clear your mind, grab paper and pen, then be open to hearing the messages I relay as you ask for guidance.

Questions and apprehension are normal, but please remain respectful when you are having a reading. I am happy to elaborate or explain on my answers ( within reason) so just ask!. I am currently running phone/chat/

pre recorded /video reads. Please refer to services for current options.

I'm not here to tell you your fortune.  

With that being said, I do not for ethical and legal reasons offer any  services such as potions, spells, promises of fortune, legal advice, medical advice, consult to persons under age 18, counsel on "Twin Flame" rhetoric, consult or advise excessively on other parties. If you feel you are unable to emotionally handle information in a consultation that may not be what you are hoping to hear, please refrain from consultation until you feel mentally prepared for this possible scenario.

 I'm here to guide you to the answers your intuition is whispering and spark the fire you need to light your path to self development. These answers will help bring clarity to your present and arm you with the understanding and reassurance for manifesting the tomorrow you envision today with your own intuition!

Please read this link to disclaimer before booking a service. By booking any service you are agreeing to the Terms and Disclaimer

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